Spend a full academic year of high school in Denmark. Attend a local high school and live with a welcoming host family. Explore Denmark’s fairy-tale villages with picturesque castles and colorful town markets. Between your time with your host family and at school, you’ll get the chance to learn Danish, though the Danes are, by and large, excellent English speakers. They’ll also be very impressed if you know a few Danish words!

Things To Know About Denmark

Bicycles are everywhere; they even have bicycle highways! Danes value their personal space but are very warm once they open up and love to be cozy and comfortable. The most popular Danish lunch is a traditional open-faced sandwich called Smorrebrod. Nowhere in Denmark is more than an hour away from the seashore, so it’s a perfect place for those who like swimming, sailing, or rowing.

Your High School in Denmark

Spend one year at Føroya Eftirskúli on the Faroe Islands (Danish-inspired boarding school), explore and develop the Faroese nature, culture, and yourself in the North Atlantic.

AFS in Denmark invites participants to spend one month at a Danish “EFTERSKOLE” exploring cultural differences, practicing their English, enjoying in-depth leisure activities, visiting a Danish home, and generally experiencing daily life at a Danish International Efterskole.

The concept behind the “Efterskole” is a huge part of the Danish cultural heritage. While at an “Efterskole,” participants are educated on becoming strong individuals. The focus lies on the entire human being and not only the participants’ academic performance.

The school offers a variety of subjects such as local culture and knowledge, cooking, maritime path, e-sports, media & entrepreneurship, and basic academic subjects. The school is located in a small town that offers all modern services and a stunning environment. The Faroe Islands consist of 18 islands, and during the stay, the school will visit all of them by car, boat, or even helicopter! The participants are also encouraged to take part in local activities at sea, with the locals and in nature in general.

Your accommodation while in Denmark

The student will live on campus during weekdays. During their stay, the student will have an AFS contact family with whom they spend holidays and some weekends. In this way, the student also experiences Danish family life and culture.

Families in Denmark are very close, and most prefer to cook dinner together at home every night. Danes are very cosmopolitan in their attitudes and lifestyle. Most Danes are well educated, so you can assume your host family will also place a lot of importance on your education. They’ll probably expect you to be independent, take care of your homework and help out around the house on your own, like most kids do.

Program duration

July 2024 – June 2025


USD 17,000