Have you ever heard of Hangul, the Korean alphabet? It is a unique phonetic writing system composed of scientifically designed characters. Hangul is the only alphabet introduced in a book, explaining its philosophy, principles, and usage and providing examples for a specific language, all written by its creators. Due to this uniqueness, the book Hunminjeongum, written in 1446, was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Do you want to learn how to write and read it? It could be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in and experience Korean culture firsthand.

Imagine attending Korean high school classrooms and immersing yourself in an intensive, immersive cultural environment. You could listen to BTS songs with your classmates or play games like ‘The Squid Game.’ It would be an eye-opening experience of a lifetime.

Your High School in Korea

The host schools for this experience include Korean High School, located in Jeollabuk-do in southwestern Korea. One is a public high school specializing in horse riding and management, while the other is a private school specializing in ecology. When submitting applications, participants should inform the host organization of their preferred school.

Daily, you would attend your chosen school and spend most of your time in classrooms focused on subjects related to your interest. School hours usually last about eight hours, five days a week. As an AFS participant, the school’s expectations are not overly demanding since you are not a native Korean speaker. As long as you follow the school’s rules and regulations, you can navigate the experience comfortably. There may be opportunities to assist teachers during second language classes or participate in club activities, such as sports clubs or language clubs, where you can make new friends.

The virtual Korean language courses will be held four days a week in the afternoon for two hours. Experienced language instructors use a communicative approach to teaching, emphasizing practical communication skills and real-life situations. By the end of the program, you will have gained the comprehensive basics of Korean, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The language skills acquired during the program will enable you to explore Korea with greater confidence and understanding, making your experience in Korea all the more rewarding.

Your Accommodation in Korea

Participants will stay at the school’s dormitory. The school will ensure that participants of the same nationality are not placed together to encourage intercultural interaction.

Participants will also have homestay for two times a month. According to the family’s weekend plan, participants will immerse themselves in cultural experiences, which include playing sports or visiting places. A host family composition usually comprises three to five members, including parents and children. Sometimes grandparents may live in the same household, although it is uncommon today. Most of the host families reside in apartments or villas.

Program duration

August 2024 – December 2024


USD 11,100